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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Design Achievement Awards 2011

I read and heard that Design Achievement Awards is already started again. It may be old news but not to late, you have until June 24 2011 to enter the contest.

If your still a student and you want to have an experience of a lifetime? Than you got to have to enter the contest, it will also broaden your horizon for the future.

Some advice for students or talents that are going to enter the contests:

  • Find a someone that can mentor you trough the process, out of own experience is that you eventually can lose your vision over time. 
  • Creating something is easy, but don't get lost in your ideas. Learn your boundaries or else you have to much work to make, you can better avoid strange problems.
  • Ok this is an advice that i suck in to and that is planning. I say it a lot to others but I also have to follow my own advice.
  • Stay inspired, surround yourself with the things that inspire you the most. It could be music,a movie, a bunch of magazines you love to look in.

And Good Luck
p.s. you can win money and a lovely vacation to taipei, isn't that great?


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