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Shopping spree ! XD

Last week River Islands SHOP-INS event was a blast, take a look at the photo's as if you were there./

I2D renewed

the blog got a facelift with HTML5. Looks better, works great and more blogging.

Symphony of animation

Look at who I get inspired from an see one of his animations.Get inspired by him as well

Friday, July 29, 2011

Mother nature

I didnt post a lot the last few weeks because of the holidays, now I'm back and practicing again and creating new things.

Just finished a painting called "mother nature"

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dolce & Gabbana Full Show ft Noah Mills - Milan Men's Fashion Week Spring 2012

Once in a while I tune in on fashionTV for the latest trends in lifestyle design and trends. I stumbled across this lovely collection by Dolce & Gabbana which I happened to love, The lovely texture of the clothes simple and sleek. Plus it is wearable.

Fashion this upcoming seasons is more simplified in shape which I love to see and put through in my own designs, and the eccentricity is in the texture of the material. In my opinion simplicity and with an eye for texture is the key of a great collection.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Surrealisme in the art of Bamboo

Embracing the art of surrealism came this work I made recently for the Bamboo Europe "be stylish" contest.
Often I stumble across surrealistic art, I made it my own by thinking out of the box. The way I look at my surroundings and my love for geometry.
It helps my mind to think straight by dissecting my surroundings in basic shapes. Flouting around in a world in this kind of vision makes the world more exiting, it doesn’t matter where you are.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Japan moment

I had a japanese moment this week watching documentaries and movies like Memoirs of a geisha, I had an image in my mind that I wanted to work out. It is was was actually pretty fun and good practice for me painting in photoshop.

I had a little struggle with hands and faces, I almost forgot how to draw people because it has been actually a few years when I last drew a person.

I hope you all like the result.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The spaceship has landed

O my god A spaceship has landed in Boijmans in Rotterdam! I was very awed when I saw it.

No really it is the Futuro by Matti Suuronen, finally I could see the real deal. The house reminds me of the 1951 movie 'Day the earth stood still'. Anyway if you look on the outside it was very claustrophobic looking, if you walk in to the house then you'll notice how compact it was build and designed. I kept imagining how it was like to live in it.

The pod even has two bedrooms and each of the rooms had a bunk bed. With a small and round window it was very cosy actually if you love small spaces. Basically it had everything you need, from an open kitchen to a small bathroom and a storage room.

Entrance, on the left side is the bathroom.
Three people can sleep inside this small bedroom,
but I recommend two by the looks of  it.

Antique Bling

I have a specific love for antique, especially when it looks so sophisticated as these two pieces.
The craftsmanship of the Nautilus cup is so beautiful and remarkable, specially if you look at the small details crafted in the silver of the cup
The cup is crafted in ca.1890
made out of a nautilus shell, silver gilt, Mother of Pearl, pearl and precious stones.

These pieces lie next to the nautilus cup during the exposition, attracted by the simplicity of the design and the main reason why I like it is because it's polished silver.

Shopping spree!

When there is discount, there are shoppers! I received a invitation for a shopping event at the River island store. It was a lot of fun, many interesting people, music and the booze was flowing. 

I took a lot of pictures that day to share it with you all.

There were clothes for men, but the woman section was more fun ;P

Great style, an eye for detail.

You go girl! Shop till you drop

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