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Shopping spree ! XD

Last week River Islands SHOP-INS event was a blast, take a look at the photo's as if you were there./

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the blog got a facelift with HTML5. Looks better, works great and more blogging.

Symphony of animation

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Movie posters Oscars2011

I have been collecting movie posters in the last couple of years. Well because the oscars spend so much time on the films, they don't stand still about the posters from the nominated movies.

I took the time to look up a phew of my favorites.


Ok like most hip movie-nerd knows (I'm a nerd) the oscars are coming up in February and the nominees are known. My eyes are fixed on the nominees of best picture...I easily get inspired by movies so..You know what I mean.

and my nominee-favorites are:

- Black Swan
- Inception
- 127 hours
- Toy Story 3
- the social network (the picture thing suck, but very strong story)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday 2 me!!

omg, I'm now 21. another year assed to my last 20 years of my life.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Results photoshoot (in my room)

Ok first of all, it was in my room.
This was just my way to research my products for my final exam.

I guess the results ain't that bad.

You may also notice that this is not a lot of photo's I'll post them when I finished the whole project.

Chaotic product research XD

I was kicked out of the study room by my parents, so I moved everything to my room...My god

Results will come in a minute

Friday, January 14, 2011

Old photography work II, (Paris)


There are a series of much larger panorama that would take a while so i'll post it later, 
some time next week.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Old photography work part I

Perfect bags for the stylish photographer

I have seen it hanging in stores quite a lot. The beautiful beige colored camera bags, with a touch of light-brown leather.

The Bellingham camera bags

The bag is quite sturdy really and it's quite handy to use. You can strap it open, its waterproof and your camera feels more safe then ever.

The best part is, it looks like a designer weekend bag. In some of the Bellingham bags you can get the camera interior out and use it as a normal bag.

For a nice pretty designer bag, you also pay the designer price ;)
(Just keep that in mind)


I hope I get one for my birthday, or chinese new year :P

Monday, January 10, 2011

There is nothing more beautiful than Icelandic landscape

After watching this video my photographic eyes began to itch a little.
My complements to the maker of this video

I am going for it!!

A phew days ago I posted that adobe is doing the achievement awards again this year, I got little butterfly's in my stomach after posting it.
I followed the achievement awards for a couple of years now and I think that I finally got the courage to compete. It's my final year and I got a lot of training and studying during my college years.

I will be participating in the categories 

Photography and Installation design

And who knows maybe I'll get lucky.

Me in my early photography days :P

Change of plans

Ok my concept for the final exam wasn't strong enough and it sounded pretty lame eventually.
But I'm going for another concept, the actual idea is that the object that I choose has to tell something about me.

I am going back to my roots, starting with the way I used to design expositions.

Starting with geometry, I don't know what it is but I love geometric shapes. As specially when you place it in open spaces. I often get a  futuristic feeling when I see it.

Also I like to play with material. Testing it out and do something else what you won't at least expect.

Finally there is minimalism. During my photography years, I found out that I like simple shapes.
Not to crowded and with a simple but strong subject on a photo.

Well I hope that this concept turns out alright... but don't hesitate to comment, I could use the feedback right now.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dressed Trailer 2011 HD


Trough itunes I saw a great trailer from the upcoming movie called Dressed.
It is a very inspiring about a young designer that lives on the street and following a dream to become a designer.

The story for this film touched me a little bit and though I could kind of relate to this person that made it this far.

This documentary is coming out in theaters on February 4th, 2011
Make sure you go and see this documentary!

Shopping for fruit bowls...

Well the people that know me, know that I love to shop for things to decorate the house.
I also know that after the Christmas holidays there are major sale's going on, I'm still in college so I got to keep it cheap.

Then I stumbled on a beautiful fruit bowl designed by Abi Alice at the Bijenkorf (Rotterdam). I got to keep that girl in mind, because she does pretty interesting things with geometry and math.
To be honest i can already imagine how it looks like on my table.

Anyways she did get me inspired right...?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Design Achievement Awards 2011

I read and heard that Design Achievement Awards is already started again. It may be old news but not to late, you have until June 24 2011 to enter the contest.

If your still a student and you want to have an experience of a lifetime? Than you got to have to enter the contest, it will also broaden your horizon for the future.

Some advice for students or talents that are going to enter the contests:

  • Find a someone that can mentor you trough the process, out of own experience is that you eventually can lose your vision over time. 
  • Creating something is easy, but don't get lost in your ideas. Learn your boundaries or else you have to much work to make, you can better avoid strange problems.
  • Ok this is an advice that i suck in to and that is planning. I say it a lot to others but I also have to follow my own advice.
  • Stay inspired, surround yourself with the things that inspire you the most. It could be music,a movie, a bunch of magazines you love to look in.

And Good Luck
p.s. you can win money and a lovely vacation to taipei, isn't that great?


This year is my final exam year at GLR to get my diploma to become a designer, so I am verry much brainstoming my ideas about how I'm going to present my project.

My briefing was that I had to choose an item the represents myself and create a small exposition around that.

So I got a lovely "fake" chrystal. What I want to show is that to create something that looks like created by an high end designer doesn't always have to be that expensive. It all depends on how you place you furniture, the material and you can always costumize products.

I will post my ideas for the coming weeks and don't be shy sending in a idea ;)

Imagine ít is the size
of your fist
 (really it is the size of a fist)

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