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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The spaceship has landed

O my god A spaceship has landed in Boijmans in Rotterdam! I was very awed when I saw it.

No really it is the Futuro by Matti Suuronen, finally I could see the real deal. The house reminds me of the 1951 movie 'Day the earth stood still'. Anyway if you look on the outside it was very claustrophobic looking, if you walk in to the house then you'll notice how compact it was build and designed. I kept imagining how it was like to live in it.

The pod even has two bedrooms and each of the rooms had a bunk bed. With a small and round window it was very cosy actually if you love small spaces. Basically it had everything you need, from an open kitchen to a small bathroom and a storage room.

Entrance, on the left side is the bathroom.
Three people can sleep inside this small bedroom,
but I recommend two by the looks of  it.


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